Strong by Terrence Damon Spencer








Would you believe that superhuman strength does in fact exist, and scientists classify this as a disease?  What if you were a child born with an unprecedented form of this already rare muscle disease that gave you extraordinary strength, appearance and stamina?

Growing up with Myostatin Deficiency was not an easy task for William Strong.  He was bullied by other children, discriminated against and later hunted by the law for murder.  While homeless and seeking refuge in the shadowy back alleys of Milwaukee, WI, he unintentionally becomes a local hero–striking fear in criminals by his violent displays of chivalry, fueled by a hatred for his past and the people in it.  Although his disease gifts him with tremendous strength, his lack of compassion and forgiveness . . . makes him weak.

What inspired me to write my first novel “Strong

I wanted to write a story about a boy with superhuman abilities.  A story I would play around with and tell to my wife and kids during long road trips.  They seemed to become more and more interested in the growing suspense in this story, eventually telling me I need to do something with this story.

It’s a gripping, fictional story based in Milwaukee, WI, which explores one man’s lifelong struggle with Myostatin Deficiency.  Naturally when people see the title of my book, ‘Strong’, they think it’s about physical strength itself. Yes, my character does have a rare disease that gifts him with strength and, ironically, his last name is Strong.  But the book is about so much more – inner strength and forgiveness, valuing what you have and making better decisions, and, most importantly, taking accountability for your actions.