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Terrence Damon Spencer is a new author who brings a different style of writing to fiction readers. “When telling stories by a campfire, or to your friends on a Monday morning about your antics the past weekend, you don’t use terms that will result in them having to search through a thesaurus after every other word.” Says, Terrence.  “I’d rather want to keep their mind on the picture you are trying to paint them.  But most of all, your story should flow smoothly without speed bump terminology that can maybe ruin the impact.” Therefore, he uses his past experiences and day to day terminology to paint vivid picture in his stories.

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STRONG:  Science Fiction novel Published May 22, 2015

Volume (1)
Volume (2) Coming Summer of 2018








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One amazon reader gave 5 out of 5 stars and says:  Great Read!

I highly recommend this author and this book!  Terrence Damon Spencer captivated my attention and created a book with vivid imagery and a way to step into the world that he has created!  Furthermore, the story is mesmerizing and cannot wait to read anything else he creates!  Because of that, I rate this book at 6 stars!!!

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The REP:  Science Fiction Thriller/Crime novel Published March 5, 2017

The REP a novel by Terrence Damon Spencer







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One Amazon Customer gave 5 out of 5 stars and says:  A definite MUST read!

This book was amazing. Such a page turner. Anybody that has ever worked in customer service MUST read this. Very well written. As a result I could not stop reading because the story flowed so well, there was never a good stopping point. In conclusion, I highly recommend this book.

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