The REP by Terrence Damon Spencer

We have all felt it at one time or another, the anger towards a rude customer who aggressively demands the attention of a customer service representative, using foul language, name calling, and threats to get what they want.  Our understanding, compassion or fear of the consequences keeps us from pursuing a more aggressive method of satisfying the situation, while maintaining a false concern for their needs, despite their verbal assault.

Tommy Thorpe, a collections agent in a Milwaukee, Wisconsin call center, finds his sanity slipping quickly with every abusive call.  Combined with the pressures from his supervisor, and abrupt change in his financial status, he allows a darker side of himself to surface, committing the ultimate crime to release his stress and problems.  Soon, any information obtained from his customers, will be used for an entirely different purpose.

What has inspired me to write “The REP”

Let me start by saying first and foremost that I am NOT a serial killer LOL.  Bullying is on the forefront of our minds when it comes to our children today.  What we don’t talk a lot about, is how it pours over into adulthood.  People, whether a co-worker, customer or boss, don’t always think that their words hurt.  In the case of The REP, words do have deadly consequences.

Based on my experience as a bill collector, I want to take readers through the life of Tommy Thorpe. Just another man struggling to get by.  A relatable character to anyone who has despised their job, Thorpe goes through the motions of his 9-5.  When financial troubles arise and the abuse of his occupations gets the best of him, Thorpe’s dark-side takes over.

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