About the Author

Terrence Spencer was born in 1971 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he attended and graduated Custer High School at nineteen.  Later joined the U.S. Marine Corps, attending boot camp at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Camp Pendleton, CA.  He traveled the world to places like, Japan, Philippines, Korea and Thailand, absorbing the many Asian cultures and languages.  At thirty, he terminated his career with the military to settle down with his family in Denver, Colorado.

Photo taken in 2015 by Tabitha Tapia

Other than writing, Terrence Spencer’s has a number of other different hobbies.  Shooting small firearms at the gun range, vehicle repair, spending time with family and friends are just a few.   He also enjoys working out at the gym and a good cheeseburger from Crave’s Burgers in Castle Rock, Colorado.  Not to mention a good scary movie on a stormy night.

Terrence decided to explore his love for writing after being told many times that he should place his thoughts on paper.  “I’ll never forget it!” says, Terrence. “My kids, Terrence, Damien, Victoria and Devon were sitting in a movie theater next to me, when the preview to a children’s movie produced by Blue Sky Studios came on screen.  My kids gasped, then all turned to look at me; their jaws dropped open. “Dad that’s the story you used to tell us years ago.” my son Damien said.”  After that day, Terrence refuses to let a thought go without placing it on paper.  Two of those thoughts, “Strong” and “The REP” are published and available today, with ten others summarized and ready to be born.  Stay tuned!

Terrence Spencer currently resides in Pueblo, Colorado, but ultimately would like to retire in Tempe, Arizona with the love of his life Tabitha Tapia.  There, he hopes to continue his writing career full time while enjoying the warm temperatures they crave.

And to my son Elijah Spencer, I miss you and hope I can see you soon.