Sneak Peek

Premises by Terrence Damon Spencer
Coming Summer of 2018

Premises:  By Terrence Damon Spencer “Coming Summer 2018”

When Owen Mosley hits a financial brick wall, he inherits an old deserted home in a small town of North Carolina, leaving him no choice but to relocate his family after the tragic death of his wife Theresa. His efforts for a new start for his son and daughter are challenged by his unwelcoming neighbors, along with the rebellious nature of his fifteen year old daughter (Kyra) who deflects his every attempt at mending their relationship. But this is the least of his worries as they encounter a presence in their new home whom also shows its dislike for the family, as it gradually, increasingly torments them with vicious paranormal displays and attacks.

Little seven year old Jacob, knows what should be done to stop it all; if only his troubled father would stop to listen instead of shooing him off to play. The forest that outlines the rear of their backyard holds a secret, a secret high up in an old dark wooded, well-built tree-house. In it…a box.


Stronger (Volume 2):