Terrence Damon Spencer



Tabitha Tapia, thank you for always believing in me even when other’s didn’t. You have taught me so much and shown me what true love really means. You don’t just always say you love me everyday, you show it and it gives me the strength I need to do more.

Thank you for always putting up with my late night tapping on the keyboard when you are trying to sleep. For always understanding when I sometimes break away from family activities to jot down an idea or finish up a chapter when my writer’s block suddenly ceases. Most of all, thank you for believing in me and pushing me to be my best, despite what other’s may or may not think of me. You are and have always been my biggest supporter in so many ways. We are two entirely different people who share the same desires and goals in life. We can be ourselves around each other, dance crazy, sing songs, quote movies and express our crazy thoughts without judgment. We are both odd, but we are odd together. Our relationship has fueled the creative part of me and allowed me to think outside of the box.  You’ve shown me how to swim in the deep ocean and not tread shallow waters. Without you, I don’t think I would have written a single page. Without YOU, It would have just been another thing I’d wished I had done right. I love you!

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A Novel By Terrence Damon SpencerA Novel by Terrence Damon Spencer